Virtumed 360 Technology
  1. Blockchain
    The decentralized Blockchain offers independence in the medical data field and secures and automates operations for various stakeholders.
  2. Artificial Inteligence & Machine Learning
    Artificial Inteligence & Machine Learning
    Helping healthcare workers and physicians improve precision and efficiency. Effectively puting more people into healthcare jobs while bringing services to a larger number of people, especially in underserved areas.
  3. Mixed Reality
    Mixed Reality
    Physicians using the VirtuMed 360 system will perform full physical examinations from thousands of miles away, but to patients it will feel like a face-to-face visit. Our system will be an immersive experience.
  4. Virtual Clinic and Marketplace
    Virtual Clinic and Marketplace
    A scalable, easy to use and easy to access utilized by all stakeholders everywhere at the same time, connecting providers and patients with a network that extends beyond borders. It enables e-commerce, remote consultations and an open healthcare marketplace.
  5. Custom Software platform
    Customized mobile first, easy to navigate User experience, Interoperable microsystems architecture, Multinodular, Open Source, Secure, Virtual Healthcare Platform & Marketplace. Software as a Service, Micro Services, Individual Authentication
  6. Medical device and wearable integration
    Virtumed 360, A 360-degree perspective on healthcare. Visualizing key body parameters to produce a map of the body that incorporates muscle, adipose tissue, and other organs. Through augmented and virtual imagery, treatment becomes more effective, affordable, and mobile. Examinations conducted thousands of miles away enable patients to keep their next appointment, whether they are traveling or at home.